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High/Low-Impact Aerobics

High/low-impact aerobics classes consist of a traditional dance-inspired routine. With low-impact aerobics, you always have one foot on the floor — you don’t do any jumping or hopping. High-impact aerobics moves at a slower pace, but you jump around a lot. High/low combines the two types of routines.

Consider the following if you are interested in taking a high/low-impact aerobics class:

  • What high/low-impact aerobics does for you: Gets you aerobically fit.

  • The exhaustion factor: Depends on the class. Classes are too varied to make generalizations.

  • The coordination factor: Moderate to high, especially if you’re a new exerciser or if your parents didn’t spring for eight years of tap, ballet, and jazz.

  • Who digs high/low-impact aerobics: Anyone who wants to work out in a group without using any equipment.

  • Signs of a sharp instructor: Instructors should spell out the terminology, rather than just say, “grapevine left, grapevine right.”

  • Tips for first-timers: Shop around for a teacher you like who plays music you can tolerate. Music can be a great motivator or a major turn-off.

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