Helpful Hints about Your PC

Part of the PCs For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Here are some essential tips for working with your PC. Keeping your PC in good working order prolongs its life and prevents you from losing important data.

  • The Help key in Windows and in most other programs is F1.

  • There is no Help key to remind you that the Help key is the F1 key.

  • Always save your stuff. Save when you first create something, save as you go along, save when you stand up to take a break, and save before you quit your programs.

  • Delete only the files or folders that you created yourself.

  • You can delete a shortcut file; doing so doesn’t delete the original.

  • When you mess up, immediately press Ctrl+Z, the Undo keyboard command. That should rectify whatever transgression you just committed.

  • If you need to open the computer console, unplug it first. No one wants to be electrocuted while trying to fix their PC. It makes a terrible obituary.

  • You can connect and disconnect USB devices to and from the computer while the computer or the device is on.

  • Get used to working with the mouse by playing computer games, especially card games.

  • Get used to avoiding work on the computer by playing computer games, especially card games.

  • The best gift you can buy your PC is more memory.

  • Remember to properly eject and safely remove any removable media in Windows; don’t just yank something out of your PC.

  • The key to understanding software is to know what a file is.

  • When e-mailing a graphical image, be sure to save or convert the image to the JPG or PNG file format.

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