tablature; tab: A form of guitar notation that shows you which strings to press at which frets for each note.

tempo: The speed at which the beat of piece of music is played.

tensility: A string's ability to hold tension and thereby hold a certain pitch.

thumb rest: A plastic or wood bar on a bass guitar on which to rest your thumb.

tie: In musical notation, a tie tells you not to strike the second note of the two tied notes, but to let the note ring out for the duration specified by the two tied notes.

timbre: Part of the tone color of an instrument that distinguishes its sound from that of another instrument.

time signature: The fraction-like figures at the beginning of a piece of music that tell you how many beats are in a measure and which note value gets one beat.

tone color: The character of sound produced by an instrument; made up of three basic components: decay, timbre, and attack.

transpose: To change the key in which a progression is played.

Travis Picking pattern: One of the most popular folk guitar techniques; created by varying the timing that you use to hit the treble strings.

tremolo bar; whammy bar; vibrato bar; wang bar: The metal rod attached to the bridge that can be used to move the bridge back and forth to change the string tension.

triads: Simple chords composed of three notes.

triplet feel: A musical pattern wherein the beat is subdivided into three equal units instead of the usual two.

truss rod: The adjustable metal rod that runs the length of a guitar’s neck that controls the curvature of the neck and fingerboard.

truss rod wrench: A tool specifically designed for adjusting a specific truss rod.

tube amp: A type of guitar amplifier that uses vacuum tube technology.

tuners; tuning heads; tuning machines: The mechanisms in the headstock that raise and lower the tension of the strings, drawing them to different pitches.

tuning fork: A device that produces a single specific reference pitch.

tuning pegs; tuning gears; tuning posts: The round post connected to a tuning head around which the strings are wound and that can be adjusted to define the pitch of the string.