The GMAT integrated reasoning questions test how well you apply logical reasoning to real-life situations. Here are some tips to guide you through this unusual section of questions:

  • Practice wise time management to make sure you make it through all the questions and their sub-questions.

  • Keep track of the volumes of information in multi-source reasoning by scribbling summaries of each tab on your noteboard.

  • Jump to the question immediately for table analysis questions because most everything you need comes from the table and not the introductory paragraph.

  • Read the details in the introductory paragraph of two-part analysis questions very carefully.

  • Peruse the answer options in the drop-down menu for graphics interpretation questions before you analyze the question.

  • Clarify the value of each increment on the axes of bar and line graphs so you calculate accurately.

  • Prepare yourself for the unwieldy online calculator by playing with the simple calculator that comes standard with most computer operating systems.