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Where you live has a lot to do with what you can grow in your garden and how you can grow it. You can use the following chart to determine the length and time of your growing season according to the USDA hardiness zone you're in.

Zone Minimum Temperature (°F/°C) Last Frost Date First Frost Date Typical # of Frost-Free Days
1 Below –50°F/Below –46°C Jun 15 Jul 15 30
2 –50°F to –40°F/–46°C to –40°C May 15 Aug 15 90
3 –40°F to –30°F/–40°C to –34°C May 15 Sep 15 120
4 –30°F to –20°F/–34°C to –29°C May 10 Sep 15 125
5 –20°F to –10°F/–29°C to –23°C Apr 30 Oct 15 165
6 –10°F to 0°F/–23°C to –18°C Apr 15 Oct 15 180
7 0°F to 10°F/–23°C to –12°C Apr 15 Oct 15 180
8 10°F to 20°F/–12°C to –7°C Mar 10 Nov 15 245
9 20°F to 30°F/–7°C to –1°C Feb 15 Dec 15 265
10 30°F to 40°F/–1°C to 4°C Jan 20 Dec 20 335
11 40°F and up/4°C and up Frost-free 365

Zone 1 is susceptible to frost all year.

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