Green Careers Glossary: H

Holistic land management: Managing their land holistically or sustainably, using a triple bottom line approach that balances financial results, environmental impact, and community impact.

Hydrogeology : Branch of hydrology that looks at the movement and distribution of groundwater.

Hydrography : Branch of hydrology that researches the distribution of water.

Hydroinformatics : Branch of hydrology that investigates how to apply information technology to hydrology.

Hydrology : Scientific field that assesses the quantity and quality of water by studying the movement of water, the quality of water, and how water is distributed over time and space throughout the Earth. The study includes the biological, chemical, and physical properties of water and how these properties interact with the environment and living organisms during the water cycle.

Hydrometeorology : Branch of hydrology that examines water as it moves from bodies of water to the atmosphere.

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