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Google Analytics Absolute Unique Visitors Report

The Absolute Unique Visitors report is one of the most important reports in Google Analytics. This report gives you insights into your blog readers and the most important information you need when you’re preparing your blog to work with advertisers and brands.

To view your Google Analytics reports, log in to your account and simply click the View Report link next to your blog name on your Google Analytics home page. This will bring you to your Dashboard, which gives you the highlights of the most important information in your analytics account.

The Absolute Unique Visitors report by default shows the number of people that visited your site over the last 30 days. If one visitor comes three times over that month, that person is only counted once.

To view the Absolute Unique Visitors report, go to your Dashboard and click Visitors on the left menu. Then in the main area of the page, click the Absolute Unique Visitors link.

The Absolute Unique Visitors report in Google Analytics.
The Absolute Unique Visitors report in Google Analytics.

The following list explains why brands want to know the number of your monthly unique visitors and how you can use this number to track your success:

  • Why brands care about your Monthly Unique Visitors report: They need this number to base their calculations on how many true qualified leads they may get out of working with you. Brands want to know how many individuals they can reach if they work with you.

    If you have 100 Monthly Unique Visitors that visit your site every day for 30 days, you will have 3,000 Visits. If you give them the latter number, it misrepresents the actual number of unique visitors your blog attracts.

  • Why you should care about your Monthly Unique Visitors report: This is your baseline measurement for growth. You’ll want to track this number over time to ensure you’re drawing new visitors to your blog, as well as retaining your current readers.

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