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If you are successful in your job search using social media, you should consider using your newfound expertise to help a fellow job seeker. Helping others simply feels good, gives you a sense of hope and self-confidence, and shows that you’re the type of person who gives back to his community and network. Here are a few ways that you can give back:

  • Send an e-mail to a local job-search group and offer an hour of your time to look at people’s résumés.

  • Send job openings you hear about to people looking for work.

  • Volunteer at a local unemployment office to teach a professional skill.

  • Buy ten copies of a book that you found useful in your career and donate them to a group of motivated job seekers.

  • Teach a class at the local community college that could help improve job seeking skills.

  • Volunteer for your local college’s mentorship program.

  • Interview high-school students who have applied to your alma mater.

  • Pick someone you know who’s struggling and offer to look at her résumé or share some of your own successful job-seeking tips.

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