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Getting Started with Italian Numbers

Be sure to know your numbers in Italian. In Italian-speaking areas, you'll be dealing with numbers for transportation, while shopping, and when dining. Use this chart to get a good start with learning Italian numbers:

Counting in Italian
zero dzeh-roh 0
uno ooh-noh 1
due dooh-eh 2
tre treh 3
quattro kwaht-troh 4
cinque cheen-kweh 5
sei sey 6
sette seht-teh 7
otto oht-toh 8
nove noh-veh 9
dieci dyeh-chee 10
undici oohn-dee-chee 11
dodici doh-dee-chee 12
tredici treh-dee-chee 13
quattordici kwaht-tohr-dee-chee 14
quindici kween-dee-chee 15
sedici sey-dee-chee 16
diciassette dee-chahs-seht-teh 17
diciotto dee-choht-toh 18
diciannove dee-chahn-noh-veh 19
venti vehn-tee 20
ventuno vehn-tooh-noh 21
ventidue vehn-tee-dooh-eh 22
trenta trehn-tah 30
quaranta kwah-rahn-tah 40
cinquanta cheen-kwahn-tah 50
sessanta sehs-sahn-tah 60
settanta seht-tahn-tah 70
ottanta oht-tahn-tah 80
novanta noh-vahn-tah 90
cento chehn-toh 100
cinquecento cheen-kweh-chehn-toh 500
mille meel-leh 1,000
duemila dooh-eh-mee-lah 2,000
un milione oohn mee-lyoh-neh 1,000,000
due milioni dooh-eh mee-lyoh-nee 2,000,000
un miliardo oohn mee-lyahr-doh 1,000,000,000
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