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Gardening by USDA Plant Hardiness Zones

Part of the Gardening Basics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When choosing plants for your garden, select the plants best suited to your climate. Know your USDA hardiness zone and use this chart to determine the time and length of your growing season.

Zone Minimum Temperature
Last Frost Date First Frost Date Typical Number of
Frost-Free Days
1 Below –50°F
Below –46°C
June 15 July 15 30
2 –50°F to –40°F
–46°C to –40°C
May 15 August 15 90
3 –40°F to –30°F
–40°C to –34°C
May 15 September 15 120
4 –30F to –20F
–34° to –29°C
May 10 September 15 125
5 –20°F to –10°F
–29°C to –23°C
April 30 October 15 165
6 –10°F to 0°F
–23°C to –18°C
April 15 October 15 180
7 0°F to 10°F
–23°C to –12°C
April 15 October 15 180
8 10°F to 20°F
–12°C to –7°C
March 10 November 15 245
9 20°F to 30°F
–7°C to –1°C
February 15 December 15 265
10 30°F to 40°F
–1°C to 4°C
January 20 December 20 335
11 40°F and up
4°C and up
Frost free Frost free 365
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Gardening Basics For Dummies Cheat Sheet


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