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Fun Filters to Experiment with in Photoshop Elements 11

Try the Facet filter.

The Facet filter breaks up an image by using a posterizing effect. It gathers blocks of pixels that are similar in brightness and converts them to a single value, using geometric shapes. (When you posterize an image, you reduce it to a very small number of tones.)

The geometric shapes make the image look more randomly produced while eliminating much of the banding effect you see with conventional posterizing filters.

The effects of the Facet filter are subtle and best viewed at close range. The image shown originally contained some dust and scratches and a few other defects. Rather than retouch them one by one, you can use Facet.

Facet is a single-step filter, so you don’t need to adjust any controls. Just choose Filter→Pixelate→Facet and evaluate your results. You can apply the filter multiple times. However, even one application smoothes out the picture and eliminates the worst of the artifacts.

If you apply the Facet filter multiple times, the image takes on a kind of pointillist, stroked look that becomes more and more obvious. Using the filter repeatedly on the same image can yield interesting special effects.

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