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When traveling in a French-speaking country, you need to know numbers for shopping, dining, transportation, and exchanging money. With this list, you can start practicing numbers in French.

0 zéro (zey-roh) 17 dix-sept (dee-seht)
1 un (uhN) 18 dix-huit (deez-weet)
2 deux (duh) 19 dix-neuf (deez-nuhf)
3 trois (trwah) 20 vingt (vaN)
4 quatre (kah-truh) 21 vingt et un (vaN-tey-uhN)
5 cinq (saNk) 22 vingt-deux (vahNt-duh)
6 six(sees) 30 trente (trahNt)
7 sept (seht) 40 quarante (kah-rahNt)
8 huit (weet) 50 cinquante (saN-kahNt)
9 neuf (nuhf) 60 soixante (swah-sahNt)
10 dix (dees) 70 soixante-dix (swah-sahNt-dees)
11 onze (ohNz) 80 quatre-vingts (kah-truh-vaN)
12 douze (doohz) 90 quatre-vingt-dix (kah-truh-vaN-dees)
13 treize (trehz) 100 cent (sahN)
14 quatorze (kah-tohrz) 200 deux cents (duh sahN)
15 quinze (kaNz) 1000 mille (meel)
16 seize (sehz)
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