What you already know about online marketing will stand you in good stead. Start with these marketing basics and work from there to create a social media plan.

  • Create a hub website or blog with a domain name that you own. Social media are a way to cast a wider net for your products or services. Ultimately, you still need to drive traffic to a core website or blog for additional information or purchasing.

  • Develop a standard set of eight keywords or phrases and a page description for search engine optimization. Just as you optimize your website, optimize your social marketing content and profiles. Use the same description and terms over and over to improve your ranking on search engines, and to appear higher on internal search results for each social media outlet.

  • Plan your marketing and work your plan. As with all other forms of marketing, your decisions are driven by your target audience. Market on the media outlets they use. Before you actually do anything, define your market, establish your goals, and decide how you will measure success.

  • Keep it simple! Unless you have many people on your marketing team, you need to keep your social media efforts under control — or they will control you. Generally, you get better results by posting more often on a few sites than posting occasionally on many sites. Create a simple monthly schedule of activities that includes posting somewhere at least weekly.