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On your iPhone 4S, you can use Siri to add reminders and alerts and to schedule or add events to your colendar. You can use Siri with the Reminders app and can set up events on your Calendar.

  1. To create a reminder, press and hold the Home key and then speak a command, such as “Remind me to call Dad on Thursday at 10 a.m.” or “Wake me up tomorrow at 7 a.m.”

  2. A preview of the reminder is displayed, and Siri asks you if it should create the reminder. Tap or say Confirm to create it or Cancel.

  3. If you want a reminder ahead of the event you created, activate Siri and speak a command, such as “Remind me tonight about the play on Thursday at 8 p.m.” A second reminder is created, which you can confirm or cancel.

You can also set up events on your Calendar using Siri.

  1. Press and hold the Home button and then speak a phrase, such as “Set up meeting at 10 a.m. on October 12th.”

  2. A sample calendar entry appears, and Siri asks if you want to confirm it.

  3. If there’s a conflict with the appointment, Siri tells you that there’s already an appointment at that time and asks if you still want to set up the new appointment.

    You can say Yes or Cancel at that point or tap the Yes or Cancel button.

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