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With the Maps app on your iPhone 4S, you can search for specific places like Central Park, locations by address, or a type of business or establishment like nearby coffee houses.


With Maps open, tap in the Search field.

The keyboard opens.


Type a location, using a street address with city and state, or a destination such as Empire State Building or Detroit airport.

Maps may make suggestions as you type if it finds any logical matches.


Tap the Search key on the keyboard.

The location appears with a red pin inserted in it and an information bar with the location, an Information icon, and in some cases the Street view icon. Note that if several locations match your search term, several pins may be displayed.


You can also tap the screen and drag in any direction to move to a nearby location.

Try asking for a type of business or location by zip code. For example, if you crave something with pepperoni, enter 99208 pizza.


Tap the Bookmark icon (the little book symbol to the right of the Search field), and then tap the Recents tab to reveal recently visited sites.

Tap a bookmark to go there.

If you enter a destination such as Bronx Zoo, you might want to also enter its city and state. Entering Bronx Zoo landed me in the Woodland Park Zoo in Tacoma because Maps looks for the closest match to your geographical location in a given category.

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