You can use the Mail app supplied with your iPhone 4S to reply to and forward messages from the Mail account or by signing in to your e-mail account using the Safari browser.

  1. With an e-mail message open, tap the Reply/Forward button.

  2. In the dialog that appears, take one of the following actions:

    • Tap Reply to respond to the sender of the message or Reply All to respond to the sender and any other recipients. The Reply Message form appears. Tap in the message body and enter a message.

    • Tap Forward to send the message to somebody else. If the original message had an attachment, you’re offered the option of including or not including the attachment when forwarding.

      The form shown here appears. Enter a recipient in the To field, and then tap in the message body and enter a message.

  3. Tap Send. The message goes on its way.

If you want to move an address from the To field to the Cc or Bcc field, tap and hold the address and drag it to the other field.