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The iBooks app on your iPhone 4S lets you create collections of e-books to help you organize them by your own logic, such as Tear Jerkers, Work-related, and Great Recipes. You can place a book in only one collection, however.


To create a collection from the Library bookshelf, tap Collections.

It's labeled with the currently displayed collection, probably Books by default.


In the dialog that appears, tap New.

On the blank line that appears, type a name.


Tap Done, which closes the dialog and returns you to the Library.

To add a book to a collection from the Library, tap Edit.


Tap a book and then tap the Move button that appears in the top-left corner of the screen.

In the dialog that appears, tap the collection to which you'd like to move the book, and the book now appears on the bookshelf in that collection.


To delete a book from a collection with the collection displayed, tap Edit, tap the selection circle for the book, and then tap Delete.

To delete a collection with the Collections dialog displayed, select the collection you want to delete and then tap Edit. Tap the minus sign to the left of the collection and then tap Delete to get rid of it. A message appears, asking you to tap Remove to remove the contents of the collection from your iPhone or Don’t Remove.

Note that if you choose Don’t Remove, all titles within a deleted collection are returned to their original collections in your library.

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