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Podcasts are audio or video broadcasts you can listen or watch to on your iPhone 4S. Most of them are free, and iTunes features a wide variety of broadcast topics.

  1. With iTunes open, tap the More button in the row of buttons at the bottom of the screen and then tap Podcasts.

  2. Tap a podcast selection; a detailed listing of podcasts appears.

  3. Tap the name or number of a podcast for additional information, or simply tap the Free button, and then tap the Get Episode button to download the podcast. After it downloads, you can play it using the Music app.

To save you work, you might consider using the subscription feature in iTunes. First, locate a podcast and click the Subscribe button. A URL for the podcast is displayed. Copy the URL, and then, with iTunes open, click the Advanced menu and choose Subscribe to Podcast. In the dialog that opens, enter the URL of a podcast you like.

Now you’ll get all episodes of that podcast delivered to iTunes as they become available, and they’ll be available to all your devices through iCloud.

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