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Although you can go to YouTube and make use of all its features using iPhone 4S’s Safari browser, there’s an easier way: using the dedicated YouTube application that’s preinstalled on your iPhone. This app provides buttons you can tap to display different content and features using your touchscreen.

  1. Tap the YouTube icon on the Home screen to open the app.

  2. Tap the Featured button at the bottom of the screen, if it’s not already selected.

  3. To find videos, tap the Search button at the bottom of the screen; a search field appears. Tap in the field, and the keyboard opens.

  4. Type a search term and tap the Search key on the keyboard.

  5. Use your finger to scroll down the screen to see additional results.

  6. To display the top-rated or most-viewed videos, tap the Most Viewed button at the bottom of the screen or tap the More button and choose Most Recent or Top Rated categories.

    You can also look at the history of videos you’ve viewed, access videos you’ve saved to the YouTube My Videos feature, or check out subscriptions you’ve taken out or playlists you’ve created in YouTube.

  7. When you find a movie you want to view, tap it to display it. The movie begins loading.

    When you load a movie, you can use the Related and More From tabs in the playback window to find additional content related to the topic, or find more videos posted on YouTube by the same source.

If you find a movie you like, you might like to add it to a YouTube playlist. Tap Done when the video is over and then tap the back arrow with the name of the video on it to return to general information about the video. There you’ll find Add to Playlist and Share buttons. Tap Playlist to sign into your YouTube account and add the video to a playlist.

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