You can get directions with the Maps app on your iPhone 4S in a couple of different ways: using pins or asking for directions from one location to another.

  1. With at least one pin on your map in addition to your current location, tap the Directions tab and then tap Route.

    A line appears, showing the route between your current location and the closest pin for the currently selected transportation method: by car, on foot, or by using public transit.

  2. To show directions from your current location to another pin, tap the other pin, and the route is redrawn.

    You can also enter two locations to get directions from one to the other.

  3. With the Directions tab selected in Maps, tap the Edit button and then tap in the field labeled Current Location. The keyboard appears.

  4. Enter a different starting location.

  5. Tap in the Destination field, enter a destination location, and then press the Search button on the keyboard. The route between the two locations is displayed.

  6. You can also tap the Information icon on the information bar that appears above any selected pin and use the Directions to Here or Directions from Here button to generate directions.

  7. 7.When a route is displayed, a blue bar appears along the top of the Maps screen with information about the distance and time it takes to travel between the two locations.

    Here’s what you can do with this informational display:

    • Tap the car, bus, or pedestrian icon to get driving, public transportation, or walking directions.

    • Tap Start to display step-by-step directions; the arrow keys in the top-right corner take you through the directions one step at a time.


    If there are alternate routes, Maps notes the number of alternate routes in the informational display and shows the routes on the map.

  8. Tap a route number to make it the active route.


    In Directions view in Maps, after you generate directions from one location to another, tap the Edit button. Notice the button with a zigzag line between the Current Location and Destination fields; after you generate directions from one location to another, tap this button to generate reverse directions. Believe me: They aren't always the same — especially when one-way streets are involved!