With the Calendar app on your iPhone 4S, you can add events and edit any event at any time by simply tapping it in any view of your calendar and, when the details are displayed, tap Edit. The Edit Event dialog appears, offering the same settings as the Add Event dialog. Tap the Done button to save your changes after you’ve made them.

To add events, complete the following steps:


With any view displayed, tap the Add button to add an event.

The Add Event dialog appears.


Enter a title for the event.

If you want, you also can add a location.


Tap the Starts/Ends field.

The Start & End dialog is displayed.


Place your finger on the date, hour, minute, or AM/PM column and move your finger to scroll up or down.

If you want to change the Time Zone, tap that field, begin to enter a new location, and then tap the location in the suggestions that appear.


When each item is set correctly, tap Done.

Note that, if the event will last all day, you can simply tap the All-Day On/Off button and forget about setting start and end times.


If you want to add notes, use your finger to scroll down in the Add Event dialog and tap in the Notes field.

Type your note, and then tap the Done button to save the event.