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Flash Mobile Application Development For Dummies

Adobe Flash Professional and Adobe Flash Builder enable you to create mobile applications that can run on Android and iOS devices. By creating your application as a Flash application, you can use rich design tools and powerful development environments to build your application once and then deploy it to the Android Market and Apple App Store. This Cheat Sheet helps you work with the Adobe tools faster and build your applications in a way that assures success.

Flash Professional Keyboard Shortcuts

Although you can accomplish every task in Flash Professional by using the mouse and the application bar menu, using keyboard shortcuts can help you work faster. Here are some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Flash Professional:

Command Windows Mac
New Ctrl+N Command+N
Open a saved file Ctrl+O Command+O
Close current document Ctrl+W Command+W
Save current document Ctrl+S Command+S
Import: Import to Stage Ctrl+R Command+R
Publish Shift+F12 Shift+F12
Cut Ctrl+X Command+X
Copy Ctrl+C Command+C
Paste Ctrl+V Command+V
Clear Delete/Backspace Delete/Clear
Duplicate Ctrl+D Command+D
Select All Ctrl+A Command+A
Deselect All Ctrl+Shift+A Command+Shift+A
Zoom in Ctrl++ Command++
Zoom out Ctrl-- Command--
Magnification: 100% Ctrl+1 Command+1
Magnification: Show All Ctrl+3 Command+3
Create New Symbol Ctrl+F8 Command+F8
Convert to Symbol F8 F8
Break Apart Ctrl+B Command+B
Group Ctrl+G Command+G
Ungroup Ctrl+Shift+G Command+Shift+G
Play Enter Return
Rewind Shift+, Shift+,
Test Movie: In Flash Professional Ctrl+Enter Command+Return
Show Tools panel Ctrl+F2 Command+F2
Show Properties panel Ctrl+F3 Command+F3
Show Library panel Ctrl+L Command+L
Show Actions panel F9 Option+F9
Show Align panel Ctrl+K Command+K
Show Color panel Shift+F9 Shift+F9
Show Swatches panel Ctrl+F9 Command+F9
Show Transform panel Ctrl+T Command+T
Code completion (In Actions panel) Ctrl+Space Command+Space
Hide Panels F4 F4

Mac Users: By default, Mac OS hogs the function keys, preventing Adobe applications from using them. To use the keyboard shortcuts that make use of the function keys on your Mac, you need to go to System Preferences→Keyboard. Then, directly below the two sliders, select the Use All F1, F2 etc. Keys as Standard Function Keys check box. You’ll still be able to access the features on your Mac that those keys usually offer by holding down the Fn key while pressing the function key.

Flash Builder Keyboard Shortcuts

As you develop mobile apps for Flash, you'll find that Flash Builder is much easier to work with when you use the little-known shortcuts hidden inside this powerful development tool. Here are the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Flash Builder:

Command Windows Mac
Build project Ctrl+B Command+B
Compile and run Ctrl+Shift+F11 Command+Shift+F11
Compile and debug F11 F11
Toggle breakpoint Ctrl+Shift+B Command+Shift+B
Step into breakpoint code F5 F5
Step over breakpoint code F6 F6
Step return - exit current function F7 F7
Continue execution F8 F8
Terminate debugging session Ctrl+F2 Option+F2
Go to line number… Ctrl+L Command+L
Search current document for text Ctrl+F Command+F
Search all files for text Ctrl+Shift+F Command+Shift+F
Find declarations of selected function name in project Ctrl+G Command+G
Open file by name search Ctrl+Shift+R Command+Shift+R
Open file class type Ctrl+Shift+T Command+Shift+T
Cycle through open files Ctrl+tab Command+tab
Invoke Content Assist Ctrl+Space Command+Space
Go to definition of variable F3 F3
Copy Ctrl+C Command+C
Paste Ctrl+V Command+V
Comment out selected text Ctrl+/ Command+/
Save file Ctrl+S Command+S
New file Ctrl+N Command+N
Show Key Assist Ctrl+Shift+L Command+Shift+L

App Store Submission Checklist

Forgetting items from the submission you make to the Android Market or Apple App Store will lead to rejection. Prepare your app-store submission by ensuring that you have included each of the items on these two checklists.

Before submitting your application to the Apple App Store, check that you have:

  • Your application name chosen.

  • An application description written. Check that the word "beta" doesn't appear in text within your app and in your descriptive text. Apple dislikes having this word used in finished products.

  • Primary and secondary categories chosen.

  • Subcategories selected.

  • The copyright attribution decided.

  • An app rating chosen.

  • Keywords identified.

  • The SKU number created.

  • An application website URL working.

  • Screenshots prepared.

  • The support website URL working. Your support website should resolve at the URL you supply. If it isn't available, your app is likely to be rejected.

  • A support Email Address configured.

  • The End User License Agreement written, if required.

  • Pricing decided.

  • The available date chosen.

  • Distribution territories selected.

  • Large App Icon 512px x 512px created. Ensure that the 512px x 512px image you're preparing to submit with your IPA file matches the icon images compiled into your application.

  • Your application compiled with an Apple Distribution Certificate and a Distribution - App Store Provisioning profile.

  • Your application IPA file correctly compiled and bug free. Test on your iOS device.

Before submitting your application to the Android Market, check that you have:

  • Your application title chosen.

  • An application description written.

  • Two screenshots (maximum of 8) captured.

  • High resolution application icon 512px x 512px created. Ensure that the 512px x 512px image you're preparing to submit with your APK file matches the icon images compiled into your application.

  • Your application content rating chosen.

  • Category selected.

  • Pricing decided.

  • Distribution locations selected.

  • An optional promotional graphic prepared.

  • An optional feature graphic created.

  • An optional promotional video link setup.

  • The support website URL working.

  • Ensure the P12 certificate you compile your app with is valid for a minimum of 25 years from the date you submit the app.

  • Ensure your application APK file is correctly compiled for device release and is bug free. Test on your Android device.

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