As you develop mobile apps for Flash, you'll find that Flash Builder is much easier to work with when you use the little-known shortcuts hidden inside this powerful development tool. Here are the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Flash Builder:

Command Windows Mac
Build project Ctrl+B Command+B
Compile and run Ctrl+Shift+F11 Command+Shift+F11
Compile and debug F11 F11
Toggle breakpoint Ctrl+Shift+B Command+Shift+B
Step into breakpoint code F5 F5
Step over breakpoint code F6 F6
Step return - exit current function F7 F7
Continue execution F8 F8
Terminate debugging session Ctrl+F2 Option+F2
Go to line number… Ctrl+L Command+L
Search current document for text Ctrl+F Command+F
Search all files for text Ctrl+Shift+F Command+Shift+F
Find declarations of selected function name in project Ctrl+G Command+G
Open file by name search Ctrl+Shift+R Command+Shift+R
Open file class type Ctrl+Shift+T Command+Shift+T
Cycle through open files Ctrl+tab Command+tab
Invoke Content Assist Ctrl+Space Command+Space
Go to definition of variable F3 F3
Copy Ctrl+C Command+C
Paste Ctrl+V Command+V
Comment out selected text Ctrl+/ Command+/
Save file Ctrl+S Command+S
New file Ctrl+N Command+N
Show Key Assist Ctrl+Shift+L Command+Shift+L