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The original FireWire standard has now been overtaken in raw speed by USB 2.0, but because FireWire has been around much longer, it’s in no danger of disappearing. FireWire works better than USB 2.0 with many pieces of digital video equipment because older pieces of equipment don’t recognize USB 2.0.

Unlike USB ports — which are now included with every new PC — FireWire ports are generally available as optional equipment, so make certain that you have a FireWire port before spending the big bucks on that new DV camcorder. (Of course, you can always buy an adapter card to add FireWire ports to your computer.)

Like USB, FireWire is a plug-and-play connection; a FireWire port can support 63 devices (using a daisy-chaining technique). Just connect a device to your PC by using a FireWire cable — run the cable from the device to the FireWire port on your PC, and you’re ready to roll!

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