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When registering at a Spanish hotel, you may be asked to fill out a registration form. Following are some Spanish terms for information you’re likely to be asked for when you check in:

  • dirección permanente (dee-rehk-see-ohn pehr-mah-nehn-teh) permanent address

  • calle, ciudad, estado, o provincia (kah-yeh seeoo-dahd ehs-tah-doh oh proh-bveen-seeah) street, city, state, or province

  • país, código postal, teléfono (pahees koh-dee-goh pohs-tahl teh-leh-foh-noh) country, postal code, telephone

  • número de su pasaporte (noo-meh-roh deh soo pah-sah-pohr-teh) your passport number

  • si viene con vehículo . . . (see bveeeh-neh ehn bvehee-koo-loh) If coming by vehicle …

  • número de placa de matrícula (noo-meh-roh deh plah-kah deh mah-tree-koo-lah) plate number

  • fecha en que vence (feh-chah ehn keh bvehn-seh) expiration date

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