Features of the iPhone Maps App

Find a person, place, or thing with Maps.

To find a person, place, or thing with Maps, tap the search field at the top of the screen to make the keyboard appear. Now type what you’re looking for. You can search for addresses, zip codes, intersections, towns, landmarks, and businesses by category and by name, or combinations.

If the letters you type match names in your Contacts list, the matching contacts appear in a list below the search field. Tap a name to see a map of that contact’s location. The Maps app is smart about it, too, displaying only the names of contacts that have a street address.

When you finish typing, tap Search. After a few seconds, a map appears. If you searched for a single location, it’s marked with a single pushpin. If you searched for a category (Pizza 60645, for example), you see multiple pushpins, one for each matching location (pizza joints in or close to the 60645 zip code).

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