Without crime, you’d have no scope for your interest in forensics, although, being an upstanding citizen, you’d trade your forensics skills for a crime-free country in a heartbeat, right? Given human nature, you’ll never have to make that trade. Crime is a common occurrence in the United States, and the FBI maintains a database of all reported crimes throughout the country. The most recent complete-year figures for 2008 are shown in the following table:

Crime Number of Criminal Acts
Violent Crime 1,382,012
  Murder/Manslaughter   16,272
  Rape   89,000
  Aggravated assault   834,885
  Robbery   441,855
Property Crime 9,767,915
  Burglary   2,222,196
  Larceny-theft   6,588,873
  Auto Theft   956,846

Source: Federal Bureau of Investigations, “2008 Crime in the United States”