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You can wait until at least Rounds 10 to 12 before you draft a DEF and still get quality.

Even in a large fantasy league, every coach can draft one of the NFL's better defenses (perhaps even two). Even the top pre-ranked DEF shouldn't be drafted before Round 6.

Every NFL team gets a bye week during the season to rest. When your fantasy starters are on bye, you need to go to your bench to replace them. But what if your two best players have the same bye week? And what if they play the same position? Your team's fantasy production will certainly drop.

The NFL teams with the best records have harder schedules next season than the teams that missed the playoffs. Great fantasy players on winning teams may have a tougher time producing big numbers next season when they face stiffer opposition. Know the NFL schedule when making your draft picks. By studying the NFL schedule, you can make a better decision between two or three players that seem equally awesome on paper.

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