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Explore the iWork Numbers Window

Numbers, the iWork spreadsheet application, is fairly easy to navigate. Apple has done a great job of minimizing the complexity of the Numbers window. Here are the major points of interest:

  • Sheets list: Because a Numbers project can contain multiple spreadsheets, they’re displayed in the Sheets list at the left of the window. To switch between spreadsheets in a project, click the top-level headings (each of which has a spreadsheet icon).

  • Sheet canvas: Numbers displays the rows and columns of your spreadsheet in this section of the window; you enter and edit cell values within the sheet canvas.

  • Toolbar: The Numbers toolbar keeps the most common commands you’ll use within easy reach.

  • Formula Box: You’ll use the Formula Box to enter formulas into a cell, allowing Numbers to automatically perform calculations based on the contents of other cells.

  • Format Bar: Located directly under the toolbar, the Format Bar displays editing controls for the object that’s currently selected. (If you enter an equal sign into the Formula Box, the Format Bar changes into the Formula Bar.) This is starting to sound like that classic movie about the chocolate tycoon and those kids!

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