Expanding Your FarmVille Farm

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FarmVille land expansions increase the size of your farm and allow you to grow more crops. Having more crops means having more Farm Coins! Purchasing a land expansion is a great investment, and you should upgrade to higher farm levels, as shown in the table, as soon as possible.

Expansion Name Size (in Plowed Plots) Cost in Farm Cash Cost in Farm Coins Neighbors Needed for Farm Coin Purchase
Homestead 14x14 (196 plots) 20 10,000 8
Family Farm 16x16 (256 plots) 20 25,000 9
Big Family Farm 18x18 (324 plots) 20 50,000 13
Plantation 20x20 (400 plots) 20 75,000 16
Big Ole Plantation 22x22 (484 plots) 30 250,000 20
Mighty Plantation 24x24 (576 plots) 60 500,000 30
Grand Plantation 26x26 (676 plots) 80 2,000,000 35
Farm Estate 28x28 (784 plots) 120 Check game for updates Check game for updates
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