In VSTO, the Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel namespace contains classes that are relevant to the Microsoft Office Excel application. Here are the class names, along with short descriptions:

  • Workbook: This class represents the Workbook object from the Excel object model.

  • Worksheet: Worksheet class extends the functionality of the Worksheet class from the Excel object model, exposes events, and acts as a container for controls.

  • ChartSheet: This class represents an Excel worksheet that contains only a chart.

  • Chart: Chart control represents a chart object and exposes events.

  • ListObject: ListObject control is used to display data in rows and columns.

  • NamedRange: A NamedRange control represents a range that has a unique name and exposes the following events: BeforeDoubleClick, BeforeRightClick, BindingContextChanged, Change, Deselected, Selected, SelectionChange.