Essentials of Christian Prayer

Part of the Christian Prayer For Dummies Cheat Sheet

As a Christian, praying doesn't need to be complicated. If you're approaching God in Christian prayer, make sure that you approach your prayer with the five qualities in the following list to be certain that you're prayer-ready:

  • Be aware. When you pray, be aware of exactly whom exactly you're praying to, acknowledging the Lord.

  • Be real. Don't put up a front or say words that you think God wants to hear; simply be honest and open to God.

  • Be repentant. Unconfessed sin in your life can be a major block to your prayers, so always approach prayer with a repentant heart.

  • Be dogged. When you pray, be diligent, praying, then praying some more, and, when you think you're all done, praying more about it.

  • Be expectant. Have the certainty that God will answer your prayer.

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Christian Prayer For Dummies Cheat Sheet