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Enterprise Mobile Device: Personal Blackberry Device Backup and Restore

Education of your mobile device carrying employees on methods of backing up, restoring and transferring data helps protect them and corporate resources. Here is information on management of Blackberry device backups, restores and data transfers which you can pass on to your users.

Backing up BlackBerry devices

You can backup your BlackBerry device by using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, which is available as a free download from the BlackBerry website. With the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, you can backup all your key information, including personal files, call logs, contacts, apps, SMS messages, e-mail and phone settings, and calendar information.

  1. Connect the BlackBerry to your computer.

  2. Start the BlackBerry Desktop Manager application, it will detect your connected BlackBerry.

  3. Select Backup and Restore on the Main Menu.

  4. Select Backup and enter a filename to indicate where to save the backed-up contents.

    A progress bar appears, indicating the status of the ongoing backup.

You can configure the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to backup all contents of the BlackBerry smartphone or only the contents you configure.

  1. When the BlackBerry Desktop Manager has detected the BlackBerry, select Backup and Restore on the Main Menu.

  2. Select Advanced on the next screen.

    A number of device databases are listed. Each refers to a category of data that can be backed up. These include the Address book, E-mail Settings, Application Data, and Call Log information.

  3. Select the appropriate data to be backed up.

  4. Enter a filename to indicate where to save the backed-up file and then select Save.

    The backup process begins.

With the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, you can configure backups to occur periodically or manually. If you configure periodic backups, you must connect your BlackBerry device regularly to your computer so the backup can be completed.

Restoring data from BlackBerry devices

Restoring data to your BlackBerry device is nearly a mirror image of the process used to backup data: it’s easy, efficient, and intuitive.

  1. Connect the device to a computer.

  2. Start the BlackBerry Desktop Manager application. Wait for it to detect the connected BlackBerry.

  3. Select Backup and Restore on the Main Menu.

  4. Select Restore to start the restoration.

    At this stage, you should remember where you stored the backed-up file. If you have more than one backed-up file, decide which configuration to backup to. A progress bar indicates the status of the ongoing restoration.

Restoring a device typically takes much longer than backing up a device.

Transferring data between BlackBerry devices

The BlackBerry Desktop Manager enables easy transfer of data from an old BlackBerry to a new BlackBerry. Follow these steps:

  1. Connect the old BlackBerry device to the computer.

  2. Start the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. On the application, select the Device Switch option.

  3. Select the option to Switch BlackBerry devices.

    The following screen should show three columns — one for the old device, the next for the new device, and the third for options to sync between the two devices.

  4. In the Options column, select the appropriate data to transfer between the two devices.

    You can choose to transfer all data or specify the data that you want synced between the two devices.

  5. Select Next to proceed.

    When the data from the source device is backed up, the application prompts you to connect the BlackBerry device to which you want to transfer the contents.

  6. Connect the new BlackBerry device to proceed.

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