Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) logical levels are a powerful way to think about change by breaking it down as a model into different categories of information. As you begin to think about some change you want to make, you can ask yourself some questions that relate to the different levels:

  • Environment refers to the factors that are external opportunities or constraints. Answers the questionswhere?’, ‘when?’, and ‘with whom?’

  • Behaviour is made up of specific actions or reactions within the environment. Answers the question ‘what?’

  • Capabilities are about the knowledge and skills, the ‘how-tos’ that guide and give direction to behaviour. Answer the question ‘how?’

  • Beliefs and values provide the reinforcement – motivation and permission – to support or deny your capabilities. Answer the question ‘why?’

  • Identity factors determine your sense of self. Answer the questionwho?’

  • Purpose goes beyond self-consciousness to relate to the bigger picture about mission, to ask ‘what for?’ or ‘for whom?’