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E-Mail on Your Droid Bionic

Electronic mail is handled on the Droid Bionic by two apps: Gmail and Email. The Gmail app hooks directly into your Google Gmail account. In fact, they’re exact echoes of each other: The Gmail you receive on your computer is also received on your phone.

You can also use the Email app on your phone to connect to non-Gmail electronic mail, such as the standard mail service provided by your ISP or a web-based e-mail system such as Yahoo! Mail or Microsoft Live mail.

Regardless of the app, electronic mail on your phone works just like it does on your computer: You can receive mail, create new messages, forward e-mail, send messages to a group of contacts, and work with attachments, for example. As long as your phone has a data connection, e-mail works just peachy.

  • You can run the Gmail and Email apps by touching the Launcher on the Home screen and then locating the apps on the App menu.

  • A shortcut to the Email app can be found on the main panel of the Home screen. Adding the Gmail app icon to the Home screen is easy.

  • The Email app can be configured to handle multiple e-mail accounts.

  • Although you can use your phone’s web browser to visit the Gmail web site, you should use the Gmail app to pick up your Gmail.

  • If you forget your Gmail password, visit the Gmail website.

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