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Eliminate Color in Images with the Remove Color Command

There may be times when you don’t want any color in an image. With the Remove Color command in Photoshop Elements 10, you can easily eliminate all the color from an image, layer, or selection. To use this one-step command, simply choose Enhance→Adjust Color→Remove Color.

Sometimes, stripping away color with this command can leave your image flat, or low in contrast. If this is the case, adjust the contrast by using one of Elements’ many lighting fixes, such as Auto Levels, Auto Contrast, or Levels.

The Enhance→Convert to Black and White command enables you to convert a selection, a layer, or an entire image to grayscale. But, rather than just arbitrarily strip color like the Remove Color command does, the Convert to Black and White command enables you to select a conversion method by first choosing an image style.


To further tweak the results, you can add or subtract colors (Red, Green, or Blue) or contrast by moving the Intensity sliders until your grayscale image looks the way you want. Note that you aren’t really adding color; you’re simply altering the amount of data in the color channels.

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