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Eight Tips on How to Choose a Consultant

Interview carefully. Be sure you get your money’s worth.

Take the time to conduct in-depth interviews.

Ask if a candidate is a member of a professional consultants’ organization. Then check with that organization to see if they are in good standing.

Does the candidate work independently or does he represent a company that markets a particular system or solution to your problem? You probably need an independent consultant who can consider a variety of solutions.

Ask if the candidate has worked for any of your competitors. Be sure she is willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Be clear about why you need the consultant. State the problem or describe your difficulties in detail.

Ask questions about fees and costs. Who will pay for travel or supplies?

How soon can the candidate start to work for you?

How long will they need before proposing solutions?

Will they help you implement changes in your organization? Do you want them to do that?

Can you work easily with the candidate? They will need to fit with your business culture, your employees, and especially with you. Think about qualities such as a sense of humor, tactfulness, direct communication and integrity.

Check references.

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