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eBay's Announcements Board

If you were living in the 1700s, you'd see a strangely dressed guy in a funny hat ringing a bell and yelling, “Hear ye, hear ye!” every time you opened eBay's announcements boards. In any case, eBay's Announcements Board is the most important place to find out what's going on (directly from the home office) on the website. And no one even needs to ring a bell.

The Announcements Board is where eBay lists any news that affects buyers and sellers, new features, and policy changes. Visiting this page is like reading a morning eBay newspaper because eBay adds comments to this page almost every week. You find out about upcoming changes in categories, new promotions, and eBay goings-on.

eBay also uses it to help users become aware of critical changes in policies and procedures. The following figure shows you eBay's Announcements Board with information that could affect your sales.


If you feel there is a site issue, or want to know when server maintenance occurs, click the link to the right of this page to go to System Announcements. Any current issues will be posted there.

eBay has millions of active users globally — a bigger population than some countries — but it can still have that small-town feel through groups, discussion boards, and announcements.

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