Who you are on eBay is as important as what you sell (or buy). eBay monitors the identities of its members closely — and asks that you report any great pretenders in this area to Customer Support. Here's a checklist of identity abuses:

  • Identity misrepresentation: A user claims to be an eBay staff member or another eBay user, or he or she registers under the name of another user.

  • False or missing contact information: A user deliberately registers with fraudulent contact information or an invalid e-mail address. If you come across someone on eBay who has false information registered on eBay, that member can be suspended.

  • Under age: A user falsely claims to be 18 or older. (You must be at least 18 to enter into a legally binding contract.)

  • Dead/invalid e-mail addresses: When e-mails bounce repeatedly (single bounces are almost a fact of life on the Internet) from a user's registered e-mail address, chances are good that the address may be dead — and it's doing nobody any good.

  • Contact information: One user publishes another user's contact information on the eBay site.

When there is any form of contact information violation, eBay puts a squeeze on the wrongdoing member(s). When such members attempt to log on to the eBay site, they are faced with a message that lets them know they can't proceed onto the site without correcting their information.