feedback: A rating from a buyer or a seller, made after a transaction. The rating can be positive, negative, or neutral, and can include a short comment. Ratings are used to determine an eBay member’s Feedback Scores.

Feedback Star 
: A colored star indicating that an eBay seller has a particular Feedback Score. For example, a yellow star means that the seller has 10-49 Feedback points.

Final Value Fee; FVF: The fee that eBay charges to the seller when a listing ends. It is based on the sale price or the closing bid. The fee is not charged to items that didn’t have any bids or to items that didn’t meet the reserve price set by the seller.

fixed-price listing; fixed-sale price: An item listing where an eBay member can buy the item at a set price without auction-style bidding.

FTP; file transfer protocol: A standard protocol that allows users to exchange files over a network.