eBay Glossary: D

discussion boards 
: Online pages where eBay members can post messages, ask questions, share tips, and communicate with other eBay members.

DNS; domain name system: The system that is used to track and regulate domain names and addresses on the Internet.

dpi; dots per inch: A measure of resolution often used for a computer screen or printer.

drop-ship service: A business that stocks merchandise and sells the merchandise to a reseller, but ships it directly to the customer.

DSL; Digital Subscriber Line: A method of transferring digital data to allow high-speed Internet access over phone lines.

DSR; Detailed Seller Ratings: A ratings system that allows an eBay buyer to rate a seller based on the accuracy of the item description, quality of communication, shipping speed, and shipping and handling charges.

Dutch auction: A multiple-item auction in which the seller can list as many identical items as they’d like, and bidders can bid on as many items as they’d like. The final item price is set by the lowest successful bid at the time the auction closes.

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