B2B; business-to-business: A type of transaction where the buyer has a resale number and purchases merchandise from another business.

bid cancellation: The cancellation of a bid by the seller during an eBay auction.

: An eBay member who bids on an auction item. Each bid enters that bidder into a binding contract.

blog; blogging: Short for weblog; a Web site chronicle that is regularly updated by an individual or group.

browser: A software program, usually free, that lets your computer download content from the Internet.

Business account: A PayPal account that allows an eBay seller to accept credit or debit card payments from customers. It offers controlled multi-user access so that multiple employees can serve customers, and it gives the seller unlimited use of eBay Tools and Merchant Services.

Buy It Now: An optional eBay feature that allows a buyer to immediately purchase an item at a set price before the auction ends.

buySAFE: A program that enables eBay sellers to present a credibility seal and financially protect their online auction transactions with surety bonds.