eBay For Seniors Glossary: S

selected: Text that is highlighted is selected, meaning that any action you perform, such as pressing the Delete key on your keyboard or clicking a button for Bold formatting, is performed on the selected text.

sniping: Outbidding your competition in the very last seconds of the auction — without leaving them enough time to place a defensive bid. If you’re going to snipe, assume that the current high bidder has a very high-dollar proxy bid in the works.

Streamlined Sales Tax Project (SST): An ongoing government battle. While the name may make it sound like the states will be charging state sales tax on all e-commerce purchases, the reality isn’t that simple. More than likely, eBay sellers with sales under $100,000 a year don’t have much to fear. However, do a Google search on the SSTA every once in a while to keep up to date.

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