PayPal: Owned by eBay, PayPal is the largest Internet-wide payment network.

point: 1. (noun) One point (pt) is 1/72 of an inch. 2. (verb) To move the mouse pointer to a specified location without clicking.

Potentially Infringing item: An item that may be in violation of copyrights, trademarks, or other rights. You cannot sell a Potentially Infringing item on eBay.

PowerSeller: An eBay PowerSeller has to maintain certain monthly levels of gross merchandise sales (total dollar amount of eBay sales — GMS in eBay-speak), and they get there by providing good items for sale and excellent customer service. A PowerSeller has the PowerSeller icon on his My eBay and Accounts pages.

presell: To offer an item for sale that the seller doesn’t yet have in stock but expects to

processor speed: Your computer contains a processor contained on a computer chip. The speed at which your computer runs programs or completes tasks is determined in great measure by your computer’s processor speed.

prohibited item: A prohibited item on eBay may not be sold on eBay under any circumstances. You may not even offer to give away a prohibited or an infringing item.