eBay For Seniors Glossary: I

icons: Small pictures that represent programs, which perform functions, or documents such as letters and photos. Icons provide a way to run a program or open a document.

Information Based Indicia (IBI): A bar code printed either on labels or directly on an envelope. The IBI has both human- and machine-readable information about where it was printed and security-related elements. IBI provides you, and the post office, with a secure way of getting your valuable packages through the mail.

infringement: Also known as piracy. Infringement is the encroachment on another person’s legal ownership rights on an item, a trademark, or a copyright

insertion fee: Every item listed on eBay is charged an insertion fee. The insertion fee is calculated on a sliding scale based on the minimum bid, your fixed-sale price, or the reserve price for your item.

item description: Lists details about the item being sold on eBay. The item description gives you a clear idea about whether this is an item you want to buy.

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