eBay For Seniors Glossary: C

cable: An Internet cable connection is a reliable and speedy method for Internet access if you have digital cable TV. Your Internet connection runs through your television cable and is regulated by your cable TV provider. Most cable accounts include several e-mail addresses and space to store your images.

central processing unit (CPU): The very small, very high-tech semiconductor chip that acts as the brains of a computer. The CPU is stored in a computer tower.

chat rooms: Online areas full of people who are hanging out talking to each other, all at the same time.

click: To press and release the left mouse button.

click and drag: To press and continue to hold down the left mouse button and then move (drag) the mouse to another location.

clip art: Predrawn generic artwork. Microsoft provides many clip art files for free with its Office products.

Close button: The red button with the X in the top-right corner of the window. Click the Close button when you are done with the window. Close is also called Quit and Exit.

COA: An eBay acronym that means Certificate of Authenticity. This documentation vouches for the genuineness of an item, such as an autograph or painting.

cookie: When you roam the Internet, Web sites you visit download information, known as cookies, to your computer to temporarily allow you to access sites or services or to. Your browser stores these temporary Internet files on your hard drive.

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