Every kitchen pantry should be well stocked with dry goods. Dry goods are foods that aren’t refrigerated or frozen. Stock your pantry with these staples and packaged foods — they can last for a substantial time. You probably consume several of these foods at least once a week, so stock up on them, and you’ll have dry goods ready when you need them.

  • Assorted breads, English muffins

  • Assorted coffees

  • Breadcrumbs, dried stuffing mixes

  • Cake mix, biscuit or pancake mix

  • Cold and hot cereals

  • Cookies and crackers

  • Dry beans and grains

  • Dry noodle mixes for the skillet

  • Flour, sugar

  • Herbal and regular teas

  • Macaroni and other pasta

  • Pizza shells

  • Powdered drink mixes (hot and cold)

  • Powdered milk

  • White and brown rice, wild rice

Keep all of your dry goods well-sealed in zip-up storage bags and clear plastic canisters with tight lids. Not only will this keep in the freshness, you’ll keep out little creatures (that are not your kids).