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In a classroom full of iPads, it’s only natural for teachers to want to distribute educational material in a format e-readers can use. Teachers can distribute content to e-readers on iPads easily by creating a document, and then converting it to a PDF file. Distribute the PDF file via e-mail or the Internet; just about any e-reader will open it.

Add your PDF documents (and ePub) books on to your iPad in the following ways:

  • Drag and drop them into the Books Library in iTunes on your computer. Select your device in the sidebar and then click the Books tab. You’ll see your content listed there. Check the books you want to sync and click Sync to move them onto your iPad.

  • Use the Open In function on your iPad to open the document in iBooks from any e-mail or app. Tap and hold the attachment for a few seconds and then choose Open in iBooks from the pop-up menu that appears.


Creating a standard text document and turning it into an e-book is quick, simple . . . and sooo 20th-century. Take a little stroll on the wild side and try some more adventurous alternatives. A growing number of apps are designed specifically to create e-books that integrate interactivity and multimedia, such as Book Creator, ScribblePress, and iBooks Author. Give them a try!

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