tablet: A computer attachment that acts like a pad on which the user can write or draw on a computer.

table-top tripod: A lightweight tripod with shorter legs than a standard tripod. Also called a mini-tripod.

telephoto lens: A lens that magnifies an image.

TIFF: Pronounced tiff, as in a little quarrel. Stands for tagged image file format. A popular image format supported by most Macintosh and Windows programs.

time-lapse: Taking a picture at specified intervals to capture an event occuring over a long period of time.

tolerance: The range of color or tonal values that will be selected with a tool such as an image editor’s Magic Wand, or filled with paint when using a tool such as the Paint Bucket.

toner: The ink used in photo printers.

tripod: A three-legged supporting stand used to hold the camera steady. Especially useful when using slow shutter speeds and/or telephoto lenses.