Digital Photography Glossary: I

image sensor: A digital camera’s solid-state capture device, made up of a grid-like arrangement of red-, green-, and blue-sensitive elements.

Image Stabilization : Setting that helps correct for any up-and-down movement you make while pressing the shutter button.

Infrared: Using film, a filter, or a censor that is sensitive to infrared light and also blocks visible light. The effect produces a dreamlike effect, with dark skies and brightly colored foliage.

Infrared Data Association port (IrDA port): A computer connection point that lets you transfer computer data from one device to another by using pulses of infrared light, rather than a physical wire.

ink jet printer: A printer that works by forcing little drops of ink through nozzles onto the paper.

ISO: Traditionally, a measure of film speed; the higher the number, the faster the film. On a digital camera, raising the ISO allows faster shutter speed, smaller aperture, or both, but also can result in a grainy image.

ISP: Internet Service Provider. A company that supplies your Internet access for a fee.

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